San Diego Botanic garden
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After several years of deliberation, the governing board of the Quail Botanical Gardens Foundation decided to change the name Quail Botanical Gardens to San Diego Botanic Garden. The new name went into effect on September 12, 2009 at our 10th Annual Gala in the Gardens.

A name can be very significant; and to change a name that has become known and loved is not an easy task. We believe that the new name will bring continued growth, ensuring the future of this Garden for generations to come.

A significant number of people who visit the Garden are doing so for the very first time. A common response is a pleasant surprise, or even amazement, at all the Garden has to offer. For many, the name Quail Botanical Gardens was all they knew before their visit--unfortunately, it did not set a high level of expectation for the experience and the word "Quail" added some confusion. An important reason for changing the name is the belief that potential visitors would expect more and thus be more likely to visit a public garden called the San Diego Botanic Garden.

A name that lays stake to a wider region helps generate supporters from the greater area. Donors, whether individual or corporate, will always play an important role in ensuring the Garden's future. The name San Diego Botanic Garden sets a higher level of expectation and perception of importance. These are important matters for cultivating donors and in grant applications.

But for those of us who know the Garden as Quail Botanical Gardens it will not change a thing. We will continue offering our events and programs such as the 15th Annual San Diego International Orchid Fair on October 2-4 and 27th Annual Fall Plant Sale October 17-18. We hope you will attend these events and many others, and bring a friend.

To find out more details visit our new website at or call us at (760) 436-3036. Hope to see you at the Garden soon.

Julian Duval, President / CEO